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Aero Visions International. Inc. Views: 1052
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Aero Visions International, Inc. offers:
  • Design and Development of an allcarbon composite twin-pusher high performance kit plane SkyShark TP-4
  • Assistance in choosing the best aircraft and equipment to suit your needs and budget
  • Contracting and supervising professional outfits to quickly build a beautiful, safe high-performance plane
  • Customizing the aircraft with instruments and avionics, interior appointments, and paint job to your exact specifications
  • Training to proficiency for any number of pilots within the USA or other countries
  • Training to receive the US pilot's licenses and ratings with a fantastic training center in the beautiful state of Utah
  • Maintenance of US registry of aircraft and pilot
  • Ferrying the aircraft (experimental and non-restricted category) anywhere in the world. You may come along for an adventure you'll never forget
  • Individual accommodations for a 'vacation-like' pilots training program around the year with skiing, snow mobiling, 4-wheeling, paragliding, hiking and sun bathing --- whatever you and your family like
  • Individual Travel organization and consulting ... and much more ...

  • BD Micro Tech, Inc. Views: 1061
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    The BD-5 is a high performance single-place, low-wing, pusher-configuration sport plane. Design features include all-metal construction, mechanical retractable landing gear among the industry finest, detachable wings,and wrist action side stick control as in modern day fighter aircraft. Originally developed in the early 1970's the aircraft was designed to day VFR requirements for use in sport and recreational flying, including limited aerobatic capability.

    AeroCad, Inc. Views: 1034
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    Manufacturers of the AeroCanard-FG, AeroCanard-RG, AeroCanard-SB and Cozy Mark IV Kits and parts. AeroCanard-SB and FG can now be built by purchasing the "AeroCanard plans built" plans from AeroCad
    New (lower cost) re-formatted "Cozy MKIV plans are now offered for sale by AeroCad These plans are being offered under License Agreement with Co-Z Development.

    Aerocomp, Inc. Views: 957
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    Comp Air 10 | Comp Air 8 | Comp Air 7 | Comp Air 6 | Comp Air 4 (Comp Monster) | Comp Air 3 | Merlin

    Avid Aircraft of Montana Views: 1052
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    The King of S.T.O.L. We hope you enjoy your visit to our web site. These pages will give you a good idea of who and what we are as well as show you our great line of aircraft. However, sometimes the "old-fashioned" telephone is best if you have a question that isn't being answered. Please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call at (406) 682-5615.

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    The magnificent Barracuda. Exclusive Distributors
    Build this superbly styled all-wood high performance award-winning aircraft capable of 200 MPH.
    This aircraft has been flying for over 16 years and has proven itself to be a delightful performer.It has honest and forgiving flight characteristics, and it can be built at one third the cost of the composite kit aircraft advertised.

    Co-Z Development Corp Views: 1063
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    The Cozy Mark IV

    Rotor Flight Dynamics, Inc. Views: 1011
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    The Dominator Helicopter Rotor Flight Dynamics, Inc. 19242 Grange Hall Loop Lithia, FL 33547 Voice (813) 634-3370 FAX (813) 634-337

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    E-RACER BUILDER INFORMATION Information specific to the E-Racer builder community.

    Berkut Engineering Views: 1278
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    September 26, 2001
    It is with much sadness that Dave and I announce the cessation of Berkut kit production at Berkut Engineering Inc. (BEI). Since acquiring the company in February, we have attempted to get the company on its feet again. While we feel we’ve put forth a great deal of effort toward this goal, we were unable to achieve the kit sales necessary to continue production. We realize the Berkut is a very high performance aircraft, with low volume production and aimed at a limited market. This is a difficult equation to balance, especially since we have always been unwilling to compromise performance or safety to make the kits cheaper.

    Express Aircraft Co. Views: 1955
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    Express series of high performance aircraft offer an unmatched combination of Speed, Cabin Area, Range and Payload . . . . The Fixed Gear Series 2000 Express offers Cruise Speeds in excess of 215 mph at a range of over 1200nm while carrying over 1050lbs of passengers and luggage! The Express S-300RG offers even greater performance with an estimated Cruise speed of 300mph (18K ft, 350hp turbo), 140 gallons of fuel, 1800nm Range. With full fuel the S-300RG still has a payload capacity of over 1000lbs. That's 4 - 200lb passengers and 200lbs of luggage ! ! !

    Sequoia Aircraft Corporation Views: 1029
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    Sequoia Aircraft Corporation, manufacturers of the world-renown F.8L Falco acrobatic kitplane

    Europa Aircraft Views: 1028
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    New Glasair LLC - New GlaStar LLC Views: 1039
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    Since 1980, when Stoddard-Hamilton introduced the Glasair-- the world's first pre-molded composite kitplane--we have been on the leading edge of the exciting world of homebuilt aviation! With nearly 3,000 kits in the field and some 1000 flying aircraft in countries around the world, New Glasair - New GlaStar is one of the largest, most well established kitplane manufacturers in the world.

    Griffon Aerospace Views: 1200
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    Lionheart is a modern derivative of the "Learjet of the 30's", the Staggerwing Beech. The negative stagger biplane arrangement provides numerous advantages, some aerodynamic and some construction related, but also represents a classic elegance not duplicated until now. A Pratt & Whitney R-985 radial engine was selected for the baseline design as a plentiful, reliable, and low cost horsepower/dollar powerplant that ultimately inspired the overall Lionheart configuration. Lionheart's overall size is very similar to the stock Staggerwing, but the cabin interior is lengthened slightly to provide Baron class 6-place seating.

    Harmon Rocket LLC Views: 1103
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    Harmon Rocket II is beyond total performance. John Harmon’s conversion kit for the RV-4 is the ultimate aviation experience for recreation and sport flying. From winning awards at Oshkosh to EAA fly-ins and air shows this aircraft should be the choice for RV builders of kit plane plans or individuals interested in avionics for homebuilt aircraft. The HR2 is not a quickbuild kit as many builders of the Rocket prefer to be more involved in the aircraft building process and express a preference of some minor fitting and trimming. If you are looking for a home built experimental aircraft consider the flexibility and performance of the Harmon Rocket

    Action Ultralights Unlimited Aviation Center Inc. Views: 924
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    Thank you for your interest in the Genesis!
    This new and exciting aircraft is the advanced ultralight and all around fun machine of the future. We have demanded a lot from this design, and it has exceeded our goals in every aspect. At the same time, it is one of the most relaxing and fun aircraft to fly. Excellent control authority, very predictable in flight, and unmatched performance for this type of aircraft.
    Cross-country flights are comfortable and cost efficient. With 20 US gallons of MOGAS on board and a 4 cycle Rotax 912 using 4.0 gallons per hour, the Genesis can go the distance.

    The New Kolb Aircraft Company Views: 996
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    Loehle Aircraft Corporation Views: 1031
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    We are committed to providing high quality, easy-to-build aircraft kits that are affordable in price. All our designs fly similar to a J-3 Cub... very docile. This allows pilots to enjoy the thrill of flight without having to be a super macho, highly skilled pilot, even though with most of our planes, you'll look like a fighter pilot!

    Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd. Views: 854
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    Micco Aircraft Co. Views: 1554
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    Micco Aircraft Company, 3100 Airman's Drive, Fort Pierce, Florida 34946

    Mustang Aeronautics Inc Views: 1070
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    Makers of the Midget Mustang & Mustang II Kit Aircraft

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    Thunder Builders Group LLC Views: 1035
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    The extraordinary Thunder Mustang offers its owner a unique blend of speed, maneuverability and mystique. Given the power to weight ratio, it outperforms the original North American P-51D fighter at a fraction of the cost.

    Ultravia Aero Intl Inc Views: 1901
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    Ultravia Aero is a Canadian company located in Gatineau, Quebec, where it designs and manufactures the "Pelican" series of two-seat kit aircraft as well as the forthcoming FAR-23 certified Pelican TuToR.

    Legend Aircraft, Inc. Views: 1117
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    Legend Aircraft, Inc.
    Lanny Rundell, PO Box 11, Winnsboro, Louisiana 71295, 318-435-4401, Airport Identifier: F89
    Legend Aircraft Kits, formerly made by Performance Aircraft, Inc.

    Quikkit - Glassgoose Views: 922
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    Rans Inc. Views: 810
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    Rotary Air Force Views: 891
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    Box 1236, 1107 - 9TH Street West
    Kindersley, SK Canada SOL1SO

    Sky Star Aircraft Corp. Views: 899
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    For 18 years now the Kitfox™ has continued its leadership in the Experimental Aircraft Market place. In 1998, we entered into the Ultralight Market, in 2000 into the Ultralight Training Market, and now introduce the FASTEST Kitfox ever made! We've been here, remained here, and you can count on us to be here in the years to come! Delivering easy to build kits, hours of flying fun, and impeccable safety, at a price the average individual can afford! We trust you'll find the answers to the questions you have, and if not, invite you to email us, call us, write us, or fax us to get the information to you.

    Seawind/S.N.A., Inc. Views: 1577
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    The Seawind Aircraft is a perfect union of form and function. The sleek flowing lines make it the most striking of land or sea planes. We have developed the world’s best and fastest four-place amphibian.

    Stewart Aircraft Corporation Views: 989
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    Stewart Aircraft Corporation, W8923 North Lake Road, Vulcan, MI-49892
    Stewart Aircraft was formed in 1961 when I designed the Headwind. The name "Headwind" was derived as a bit of fun by naming it the opposite of the Whitman "Tailwind", a very fast, two place cabin airplane. The Headwind is constructed from steel tube, wood and fabric and is a combination of several designs and concepts that I developed over a period of several years previous to building the airplane.

    Stolp Starduster Corp Views: 843
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    Team Tango Views: 1067
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    Team Tango ... is the leader in fast-build aircraft kits, and we are taking fabrication technology to a new level. At our Florida Builder's Center, along side our customers, we constantly refine parts, materials and processes to save time and build a better airplane. Team Tango now offers a new fast-build program that will allow a builder to assemble his airframe in as little as three weeks [see related story "Firewall-Forward" below] At this point a builder can use our custom trailer to transport his airframe to his own shop for final completion! Or, the builder can stay at the Builder's Center an additional week to bring the aircraft to an airworthy condition.

    Titan Aircraft Views: 1070
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    Van's Aircraft, Inc Views: 898
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    Velocity Inc. Views: 946
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    A four seat canard pusher experimental aircraft that features high performance and long cross country trips. Best buy in a kit four place homebuilt composite airplane powered by a proven 4- and 6-cylinder engine. Economical to own, maintain and fly. Long range cross country capability with spacious, quiet four-person cabin and adequate baggage capacity.

    Zenith Aircraft Company Views: 897
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    The affordable recreational kit aircraft for the sport pilot: Enjoy leisure flights, with exceptional unrestricted visibility... operate from short grass strips... make round trips of several hundred miles in a single day... Take your partner for a local pleasure flight, or to a far-off destination (with overnight bags)

    Spectrum Aircraft Corp. Views: 986
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    Pulsar Aircraft Corp Views: 1075
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    HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPOSITE AIRPLANES that are easy-to-build, easy-to-fly, with room-to-relax.
    PULSAR AIRCRAFT Corporation, 4233 N. Santa Anita Ave., Ste. #5, El Monte Airport, El Monte, California 91731
    Tel: (626) 443-1019 Fax: (626) 443-1311

    PrecisionTech Aircraft Inc. Views: 1363
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    The 1991 Sun and Fun Grand Champion Fergy F-II B is the aircraft to turn your dream of flight into reality.

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